Textilene Anti-Fatigue Mats Anti-Fatigue kitchen mat

Textilene Anti-Fatigue Mats Anti-Fatigue kitchen mat

Model No.︰aft2030

Brand Name︰Textilene Anti-Fatigue kitchen mat

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 5.5 / pc

Minimum Order︰100 pc

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Product Description


Textilene Anti-Fatigue Mats  Anti-Fatigue kitchen mat

Product Details

Materials: surface-Textilene fabric
                  middle - a soft foam rubber
                  bottom of - non-slip rubber
Size: 20x30-Inch,
Model: AFT2030
Dimensions: 43 x 63 cm

        surface-Textilene fabric, Clean up is easy with soap and water.
The Introduction of Textilene fabric :
Textilene fabric known as Abel forest cloth or mesh beach, is the production of specialty textiles shuttleless machines, using special coated structural composite yarn, the yarn which PVC skin-core type. Core high-strength polyester industrial filament, the cortex of anti-aging, anti-ultraviolet radiation of PVC material. Extension polyester filament coated by cooling to form a smooth surface light pull, waterproof, anti-oil, non-toxic, cool feeling of the composite line. Warp warping mechanism through intelligent woven into the shaft, without sizing, directly around the net result of rapier loom woven, and then organize them into the final product. Do not fade with colorful, high-strength tensile, UV water-oil, anti-aging, wear, rot-resistant, chemical resistant, non-toxic, smooth, cool surface, excellent permeability, long life, the perfect combination of two materials the Teslin products excel.


Made of durable, yet comfortable, environmentally friendly and non toxic material, the Sublime Comfort Mats feature a safe, non-slip bottom surface and are anti-microbial and resistant to mold and mildew Clean up is easy with the soap and water on
Make your next task more comfortable and efficient with the new Sublime Imprint Anti Fatigue Comfort Mats which are widely used as kitchen mat, door mat,chair mat or mats used at any other places that people will stand.

Price Terms︰ 1yes

Packing︰ 1pc in a bag 6pc in a box

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